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IO board and CM compatibility!

Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:33 pm

Good afternoon!

I have troubles with flashing emmc of CM. I have old IO board (it does not has slot for sd card), CM1 and CM3.
CM1 is not detectable with this IO board totally, CM3 has troubles with flashing viewtopic.php?f=98&t=230849&p=1416104#p1416104.

So i have some assumptions.

1. May be problem with IO board? May be it does not compatible with one of CM?

2. May be problem with software? May be i will success using old rpiboot and my old IO board and CM1?
If this has the right to exist, can i ask to anyone provide this software for raspbian to trying this suggestion?

3. May be they are broken in general? And solution is using new ones?

Thanks in advance!

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