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Possible to access Terminal / GUI wireless on CM3?

Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:53 pm

First and foremost if I've missed something in the documentation that says how I can do the below or I'm plain dumb, then please point it out as would be most appreciated.

Just got my own PCB board fabricated/assembled and looking to start adding in the CM3 into the mix of things.
I'm currently using the ESP_Wroom_32 for wireless on my board and also the devkit board equivalent for the ESP_Wroom_32 to start off initial setup of wireless using the CM3 DevBoard

I was wondering if its possible to connect to the CM3 wireless and access a Terminal / GUI similar to that of the RPI Zero W using PuTTY.
If not what would be required to make this possible? Like would I need to include micro HDMI or I could use the current micro USB connection I have for charging/powering the board and get it to display a terminal / GUI that way?

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Re: Possible to access Terminal / GUI wireless on CM3?

Mon Aug 06, 2018 10:26 am

There is neiter WIFI nor Bluetooth (nor Ethernet ) hardware on a Compute Module, hence you need to add it to your baseboard (if you want to use it).

BTW: have you confirmed that your ESP_Wroom_32 can be used with Raspberry (speaking of driver availability) by connecting your dev-board to a CMIO i.e. (before designing your custom HW)?

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