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CM3 - Netboot using ENC28j60 ethernet module

Thu May 17, 2018 9:22 pm

I'm making an experiment using a Compute Module 3.
The problem that I have is that the environment where the experiment will be placed could "break" the SD card, so I need a way to re-install/fix the SD card remotely.
I'm using an ENC28j60 SPI ethernet module, and wanted to know if there's a way to use PXE to netboot the PI using this interface. I've read the UBoot and Rpi Netboot documentation, but I don't know if this scenario matches the configurations described there.

Or maybe I can change the ethernet module to use another chip (like LAN9514).

Thank you in advance!



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Re: CM3 - Netboot using ENC28j60 ethernet module

Fri May 18, 2018 10:17 am

The bootrom only knows how to netboot via a SMSC951x or LAN78xx based device.

You can put the boot partition on the SDcard/EMMC with a Linux kernel that includes ENC28j60 driver as a built-in driver (not a module), and that would enable you to NFS mount everything else. It's going to be slow over 10baseT though - even a Pi3B+ with the LAN78xx onto a gigabit network generally feels slower with an NFS mount than an SDcard or USB HDD.
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