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CM backup via Win7/Win32DiskImager

Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:16 pm

I have been using the CM with the CM I/O board v1.2 for several months primarily using Python under Wingware to develop. I keep putting it off but I need to find an easy way to backup my CM image to a drive on Win7-64, my development system. Whenever I attempt backup by pluggin into the CM, Win7 never sees the CM as storage device, so I can never select it in Win32DiskImager.

Here's my procedure:
  • * power down CM
    * move J4 to EN
    * plug USB cable from desk to slave port on CM
    * power up CM
- Windows beeps and acknowledges a device was plugged in but it never comes up as a storage device.
- Win7 Dev Mgr shows the BCM270xBoot (see image)

I normally run as Standard User (in Win7) as recommended by security experts. I've tried running Win32DI As Admin, and logging in as Admin and trying the above steps, but no joy. I guess if it doesn't show as a storage device then I can't really do anything with it in Windows. Can anyone offer any suggestions to get it show as a USB storage device? Thank you!
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Re: CM backup via Win7/Win32DiskImager

Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:34 pm

You need to execute the rpiboot.exe to mount the eMMC as a legit storage in Windows. Download the driver installer here: ...

The guide is on that page as well.



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