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Connect 2 Pi's with a router / parallelcomputing

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:43 am
by Micha1982
I want to play a bit with parallelcomputing...:

I have two Pi's, one via cable at my router, the other one connected with Wlan...what do I need to do, to get access to the second Pi inside Mathematica?

The 'slave' has installed Raspbian and 'wolfram'(command-line only, but I get the same result if I autostart the complete Wolfram-notebook with 'mathematica') is autostarted - but what next?

Whatever I do or setup in Mathematica on the Pi that I use, it outputs

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The kernel New Kernel failed to connect to the front end. (Error = MLECONNECT). You should try running the kernel connection outside the front end.
at startup....can someone explain me please what to do, to get access to the 'kernels' of the second Pi for more evaluating-power?

Is it possible at all to use more than 4 kernels with the free-license on the Pi? (Sys-Info shows 16 subkernels are possible)
If so, how do I connect them correct?

I already added a new kernel and have set the Ip my router shows as machine name in its properties. But what to do with all the other options there exactly?

Re: Connect 2 Pi's with a router / parallelcomputing

Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:24 am
by Micha1982
Seems more than 4 Kernels in a Pi 2 does not really make sense/work with that free-license, right?

Anyway. I found out some interesting possibilities of cloudcomputing-power in the meanwhile...very interesting, as almost everything in Mathematica...but what I am a bit disappointed about is, that it does not seem to be possible to buy further credits with the free-account - only with an expensive upgrade.

And the 1000 free-credits were burned down in 8 minutes here... :)

Too bad, it really would be cool if that would be changed in their politics in future, I gladly would buy 50thousand Cr ´only´ for some more calculating-power through the cloud, but a upgrade-plan for ~400€ is a bit too expensive for me (and for sure for most younger people, too).
Furthermore it seems it not even is possible to buy anything without a creditcard...a little creativity-flaw in my opinon.

But that is another topic....