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New Camera Case for B+

Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:54 pm

Hi All,

For those of you who haven't seen my previous post in the cases section ( ... 40&t=86575), I've decided to see if there's enough interest to do a small production run (10 to start with) of my new revised all-in-one camera case (see 2nd post above).

The case has two different mounting locations for the Camera module (front and side on), and will come complete with a lens cover to protect your camera from dust and damage. The production case will also keep the micro-usb power cable locked inside it's walls (there's a slot to feed the actual cable through, but it will trap the micro-usb connector inside the case), and feeds it the same way the usb/ethernet ports are pointing.

This 1st batch will be made out of 3mm laser cut MDF and will come with all the necessary screws/bolts to fit your Raspberry Pi and camera module into the case. Why MDF? you may ask, well it's light weight compared to Perspex, you can varnish it, you can paint it any colour you'd like - you can even print on it with right kind of printer, and it feels more tactile than perspex does (well in my opinion anyway :D).

So I'm taking pre-orders (PM me if you'd like to place an order, and no money will be taken until the cases have been ordered) and as soon as I get enough interest (50% of the cases), then I'll get them produced by the end of next week (26th September) within delivery with 7 days after that.

The price?, £7.95 plus p & p.

Please note, these will only fit the B+ model of the Rpi.

As usual, all feedback/suggestions are welcome (but please be polite) :)


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