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YouTube Workshop (Video Tutorial Series & Kit)

Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:36 pm

We've teamed up with Matt from the Raspberry Pi for Beginners YouTube Channel to create a YouTube Workshop Kit for the Raspberry Pi. Matt has created a series of 9 step by step tutorials videos, which will take you from creating your very first programme (Hello World), to wiring in LEDs, buttons and buzzers, to more complex component coding with a digital thermometer, light dependent resistor and motion sensor. All YouTube videos feature easy to follow instructions, and come complete with downloadable supporting material, including wiring diagrams, tutorial sheets and code.

To compliment the YouTube series, we've put together the Raspberry Pi YouTube workshop kit which includes all the components necessary to follow the video guides from start to finish. The kit consists of basic prototyping components such as a breadboard and jumper wires, and includes a range of components including LEDs, resistors, capacitors, a button and buzzer, a thermistor, photoresistor and PIR sensor.


The kit, videos and supporting material were designed for anyone looking to get started hacking with their Pi's, and we've also had a lot of interest from educators looking for a classroom friendly introductory platform. Matt's created complimentary worksheets, and the nature of the videos means they can be utilised within a classroom or independently.

You can purchase the kit, and download worksheets & circuit diagrams from the ModMyPi website below. If you're looking for a "classroom size" purchase e.g. 15+, then ping us an email as we're always happy to offer educational discounts.

Raspberry Pi Workshop Kit Downloads

YouTube Video Series

Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python Introduction
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (1/9) - Hello World
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (2/9) - LED On & Off
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (3/9) - LED Blink
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (4/9) - Push Button
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (5/9) - User Inputs
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (6/9) - SOS Buzzer
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (7/9) - Temperature Sensor
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (8/9) - Light Dependant Resistor
Raspberry Pi - GPIO & Python (9/9) - Passive Infrared Sensor

If you've got any questions, have any suggestions or alterations regarding the vid's, kit or code, or have any ideas for another series of videos, it would be great to get a discussion going!
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J Sanderson
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Re: YouTube Workshop (Video Tutorial Series & Kit)

Sat Apr 11, 2015 9:53 am

Kit looks great. Though it seems all the tutorials are in docx format :-(
Wouldn't PDF be better?

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Re: YouTube Workshop (Video Tutorial Series & Kit)

Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:51 pm

Downloads are not on the website, only a datasheet for the temperature sensor.

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Re: YouTube Workshop (Video Tutorial Series & Kit)

Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:26 am

I have received the kit together with a "Ultimate" Raspberry pi 2. It was just amazing to walk through all the tutorials.

Everything was just working nice except the temperature sensor!
* I have tried to build the connection to the sensor several times.
* I have add lines to the config.txt file
* Updated the system with raspi-config to newest version.

I have been using more time on the temperature sensor than on all the other tutorial.

My last Idea is to use 5 V for the supply of the sensor. Will i destroy any thing ?

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Re: YouTube Workshop (Video Tutorial Series & Kit)

Mon Feb 15, 2016 5:08 am

kit is gud but data is not bikram singh majithiaupto high level....

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