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DIY Pro Audio Kits for Raspberry Pi

Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:41 pm

Hello All,

MakeProAudio the “you make audio gear company” has announced a DIY Pro Audio Kits for Raspberry Pi.

The MPA Platform presents a new paradigm for making, connecting and controlling audio gear that puts you in the center of the design and how audio gear functions.

The MPA Platform bridges the DIY maker / pro capable audio gear divide with a building block system to empower anybody to build professional quality audio gear.

Excerpt from the announcement:
"Makers have so much talent and many have an avid interest in audio applications. We want to provide Makers with a huge new playground and enable them to build pro audio solutions that are a real alternative to off-the-shelf product.” said Frank Hund serial entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of MakeProAudio. “Think of the MPA Platform as the LEGO® system for building pro audio gear, where anybody with the interest is empowered to build gear that’s unique to them and only limited by their imagination,” he added.

The announcement can be viewed here: 8-)

Lots of information on how it all works and availability at


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