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SELLING "8 port terminal server"(PORTEX X1)& "cases"

Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:50 am

Very good design with brilliant price, PORTEX X1 costs $245 USD + Shipping.
There are several combination with better prices.
This product is developed with Raspberry Pi3.
Please check the following link to get more info.

Terminal Server Application:
If you are going for the service on customer site, troubleshooting or provision the machines.
However when you get there, you find you need to break firewall or get public IP to connect the devices.
It’s better way doing this job remotely.
*Provide connection without public IP and firewall provision,
*Connect for the maximum 16 devices (even more) on one machine.,
*Allow team members solving problems together,
*Use any SW tools you use to,
*Extendable for environment monitoring and controls :D :D :)

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