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New Raspberry Pi Power Adapter Combo with Orange Pi Converter Promo Sale

Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:41 pm

Hello All,

I just had a small run of power adapters manufactured specifically with SBC, mainly Raspberry Pi & Orange Pi, in mind. In the past I myself experienced the issues many have with low quality power supplies causing errors/boot loops/no power at all due overrated labels on power supplies that actually do not supply the current they show. For example the generic USB adapter or phone charger showing it had a 2a or 3a output on the label when in actuality it only puts out 1a to your device causing many of us to troubleshoot our board in the past when it was a simple power issue due to low quality/mis-labeled adapters.

In short we just got in our first run of adapters and put them on a really good intro sale price to launch for community members in hopes to get some good product reviews from real users. I am only advertising this to the community forums for now at this price so if you pick one up we would really appreciate it if you can leave us a product review on Amazon as I am only a 1 person business trying to keep up with the big guys.

Here is a link to the adapter: ... B07KL5MS3N
Currently with the sale it is only $6.99 shipped in the US.

On top of that I had made 10x 20% off coupons just for you guys, so if your interested in a coupon send me a message.

Thanks all and have a great day!
Al (aka ProTechTrader)
Raspberry PI & Orange Pi Combo Power Adapter on Amazon:

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