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IoT: Realtime music-to-(smart) light control, RPi Disco

Mon Aug 20, 2018 8:30 pm

The Generic Beat Detector (GBD)
strives to deliver an industrial strength library and IoT framework for realtime and generic
beat detection and analysis for live music streams.

It is designed with the Raspberry Pi IoT maker in mind who wishes to create events
(e.g. light control) that are synchronized with a random/arbitrary stream of playing music:
As the audio stream is routed through the GBD framework, the GBD music DSP analysis
engine delivers beat counts to Linux POSIX SHM. The IoT maker can then use this information
to control lights/leds, or even a simulation like this

To iterate, GBD delivers beat counts, nothing more. Creativity and complexity of the sync'd light
patterns is the responsibility of the maker. Think of it as something like a music DSP engine and
IoT framework for a setup that resembles the Philips Hue Disco -- but with actual beat detection.

GBD is partially open sourced. It is available as either freeware (MIT license) or in commercial
package. Freeware requires Internet connectivity at application startup for online authentication.
Commercial versions are stand alone installations with the purchased keys installed on the
disk/filesystem. Keys will be available for around $5 (five USD) per RPi device and will continue
to work "for life" with continued upgrades/features to the GBD releases.

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