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Rdrive servo motors

Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:05 pm

RDrive Servo Motor from Rozum Robotics!

Rdrive servo motors are perfect for building a model aircraft, or working on your own robotic projects.

Possible applications include:
Model aircraft, cars, etc.
Robots and drones
Solar batteries
Rotary antennas
3D printers

We believe that our high-torque servo motor can enhance your application for your unique products, and we are ready to provide you assistance to get the job done!

Rozum Robotics servomotors lifecycle is 35 000 hours of non-stop work.
The brushless motor, controller, and encoders are of our own design and encoders are of our own design, so the manufacturing process—from welding the stator plates to assembling components into a housing—remains under our control for the majority of our components.

In the RDrive series enthusiasts can find a servo motor to fit their needs.
For more information,
see the product page at:

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