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Video out components for Pi Zero

Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:10 am

Hi All

Just bought pins, wires and plug to add a video out to my Pi Zero. The sellers I bought the bits from charged almost the same money for buying four of each. Since I only have one Pi zero I thought to offer anyone who fancies them to buy them off me at cost price.

I am keeping one set for myself so I have three sets on offer. See the attached picture for the items themselves.

The set includes..
A two-pin thingy for soldering to the video out on your Pi Zero
Two lovely jumper wires that will slot onto the pins (in a range of colours)
A screw-on plug which you can connect to the composite video on a TV set (or whatever display you have in mind)

I will mail anywhere in the UK for £4 for a set, or if you wanna buy two sets it is £5 total or £6 for all three.

Postage is the kicker, as you can tell

Anyway, anyone who is interested drop me a message and we can arrange payment by PayPal
Image of the items
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