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Suggestions for commercializing a dual-radio pHat?

Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:14 pm

I've designed and built a dual-radio pHat (Pi Zero form-factor) that I'd like to make available to a wider community.

It provides a sub-GHz radio (RFM69HCW) and a 2.4GHz radio (CC2500) for proprietary protocols, along with LiPo battery charging, ADC, accelerometer, and RTC-based power-management.

I plan to make the design open-source, and I've already written open-source code to use all the board's functions from user-space on the
Raspberry Pi.

Ideally I'd like to partner with an existing company that can handle the manufacturing and distribution of larger quantities than I can by myself.

Please reply here if it's of general interest, or PM me. Thanks.

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