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Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero - Free today Nov 8, 2017

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:41 am
by packt

Hi folks,

Packt is offering this eBook "Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero" for free today only (2017-11-08).

What You Will Learn
  • Understand how to initially download the operating system and set up Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Find out how to control the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi Zero to control LED circuits
  • Get to grips with adding hardware to the GPIO to control more complex hardware such as motors
  • Add USB control hardware to control a complex robot with 12 servos
  • Include speech recognition so that projects can receive commands
  • Enable the robot to communicate with the world around it by adding speech output
  • Control the robot from a distance and see what the robot is seeing by adding wireless communication
  • Discover how to build a Robotic hand and a Quadcopter