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Re: western digital drive package

Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:13 pm

blachanc wrote:
DougieLawson wrote:
blachanc wrote:still no luck in Canada...
It seems odd that they supply that nice hard drive package to this side of the pond, but won't supply it to their northern cousins.
Thanks douggie,
I wrote my "still no luck in canada" post in a hurry, after my first contact with WD (3 different calls). I should have mentioned that I already contacted them at the time(never post in a hurry :oops: ). After a second exchange with WD, things got really better, so there is still hope.

To all: Please lets keep this thread on topic, and if there any "Heat" to exchange, lets do it via PM...

Great you mangaged to contact Wesrtern Digital regarding their product availibility.............and that they may ship their product to Canada..

Still no one responding in this RP Forum Thread as to the reasons why Western Digital have chosen not have a Shipping Choice of Canada......
Retired disgracefully.....

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