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security and new accounts

Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:20 pm

I recently got a new pi B+ and eventually I want to run a file server. I'm just learning linux UI and I want to switch over to a new account from the default for security. I created a new account and gave it passwordless sudo access. However, it still asks for a password. Additionally it seems that this new account still has limited permission. Are there further changes I should make? In its desktop gui the shutdown icon is missing or hidden, and while I am fine using the console it is easier to use once I've started the gui.

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Re: security and new accounts

Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:27 am

If you want it secure, then don't use sudo. Assign a root password and use su.

Sudo is a security risk. I work at a large financial institution and few things will get you fired faster than installing sudo, sus, etc.
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