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omxplayer and DVD-ISO

Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:06 pm

Can anyone guide me on how to load a DVD ISO using omxplayer?

I'm new to the Raspberry Pi, and am trying to use to play a DVD from ISO - the eventual idea is that for a DVD which I use for presentation purposes, I'll be able just to hook the Pi up to my projector, and have it start up and autostart into the DVD, saving me carrying a laptop, DVD etc. I'm reasonably experienced in Linux

I've tried

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omxplayer -o hdmi mydvd.iso
but all I get is the 'have a nice day' message.

Note: I've tried using RaspBMC and the DVD iso is playable there, but there are a couple of drawbacks: first, that it's slow to load compared with getting to a Raspbian command line, and second that DVDPlayer displays an infobox on screen for every chapter change, which is unsightly: the presentation DVD I use involves a lot of chapter changes). I'd therefore rather use Raspbian and OMXplayer if possible

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