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Raspi with Macbook Pro

Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:03 pm

Hi there!

I am a non-techie buying Raspberry Pi as a friend's Christmas present, so please forgive my lack of knowledge - I would love some advice...

I am buying:

1x Raspberry Pi RBCA000 ARM 1176JZF-S Motherboard 512MB RAM / HDMI / 2 x USB 2.0 / 3.5 Watt
1x iZKA® - High Power Micro USB UK Dedicated Mains Power Wall Supply Charger For Raspberry Pi - (5V / 2.1A)
1x 16GB SD card Pre Loaded with NOOBS - Includes Raspbian Wheezy / RaspBMC (XBMC Media Centre) / OpenELEC / PiDora / ArchLinux / RiscOS

and a case :)

I know he will be using it with his MacBook Pro as it's the only monitor he has. The quick start guide says I need:

- HDMI to HDMI / DVI lead = HDMI to HDMI lead (for HD TVs and monitors with HDMI input).
- HDMI to DVI lead (for monitors with DVI input).
- RCA video lead = A standard RCA composite video lead to connect to your analogue display if you are not using the HDMI output.

I can't seem to find out which a MacBook needs and/or if it's even possible to use a MacBook as a monitor! And have I left anything off the list?!

Can anyone help? Thank you so so much! :)

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Re: Raspi with Macbook Pro

Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:22 am

You can't use a Macbook (or just about any other laptop) as a display without hacking it to bits, unfortunately. You could install a VNC or RDP server on the Pi and view the desktop over the network: However, for the best experience I'd recommend a TV or monitor, used ones can be had fairly cheaply. You also will probably need a USB keyboard, mouse, WiFi adapter, and USB hub (preferably powered). You can use a powered hub as a power supply instead of buying a separate one.

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