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Change LXterminal startup

Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:17 pm

Perhaps other beginners might be interested in tweaking how the LXterminal session starts. I particularly wanted to change the number of rows. I found I couldn't do this by right clicking on the window and changing preferences. After searching a bit I found I could modify ~/Desktop/lxterminal.desktop (in home directory). Most of the file consists of language translations, but at the end is a line that contains "Exec=lxterminal". The short lxterminal man page has a few startup tweaks that can be used. I modified mine as:

Exec=lxterminal --geometry=80x25 --title=Raspi2

The trick of this tweak was to sort which of many "X" config files I needed to modify to change the size of the xterm window when it starts. One can also specify a command to be run when the xterm starts. The command (for example ls -l) will run, then the window will close. I don't find this useful for my usual work.


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