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PI router

Sat Oct 05, 2013 6:37 pm

So I just picked up a new RPI and I was wanting to make it in to a home router but had a few questions I was hoping to get answered. I have looked around already but was unable to find an answer. My goal was to take my DSL modem and connect it to a wireless router that is running DD-WRT and turn it in to a acesspoint/switch. From there i would connect my PI in to the second lan port and have it manage all the network stuff like dhcp and firewall. From all the guides I have seen they all talk about using a wireless usb adapter or using a usb nic. I really was hoping i would be able to have everything route to the PI then have it route it back out to the network using just the onboard nic. IE kind of like how you can set up many virtual vlans off 1 nic in a switch.

DSL MDM ----AP/Switch ----PI(DHCP Server/Firewall/NAS)
| |

I know its a crude network diagram but i think it should work.

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Re: PI router

Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:11 am

Sounds more like you are trying to turn your Pi into a wireless basestation, not a router.

A router is, specifically, a network device that connects two different networks and filters packets such that packets for one network are not propagated onto the other network. Compare that to a bridge which connects two networks and passes all packets for either network onto the other network. (There is an analogous comparison between hubs and switches, but ethernet hubs are very rare since the price of switches came down starting about 20 years ago.)

Most of the (physical) devices that people call "routers" are actually multipurpose and do several jobs besides routing, such as provide NAT, a switch, and DHCP service.

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Re: PI router

Sun Oct 06, 2013 3:40 pm

Thanks for the responce W. H. Heydt .

The main reason I want to use the PI to handle DHCP/NAT rather than relay on my current linksys router is flexibility mostly. I want to be able to tinker with different things like network shaping and vlans. I may not have fully explained myself the best so let’s just totally forget I own a linksys router. I wanted to take my internet modem and connected in to lan port 1 on a cheap switch I have. Then I wanted to take my pi and plug it in to lan port 2, then plug p1 in to lan port 3 and so on for pc 2. On the PI I wanted to set up eth0 as the red interface or WAN facing interface. Then I wanted to create a virtual eth0:0 to act as my green interface for DHCP/NAT for pc1 and pc2. Does that help make more sense? My goal for my PI is to make "connects two different networks and filters packets".

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Re: PI router

Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:14 pm

Still do not understand but either idea seems you would not be creating a intergrated network, maybe:

DSL Modem
ethernet cable to
ethernet cable to
Wireless Router
ethernet / wireless to other devices

*would need a USB to Ethernet adaptor
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