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R-Pi 24/7 Download rig

Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:07 am

I was enquiring on another tech forum the other day to see what would be the cheapeast way to set up a Downloading Rig. I was recommended the 'Raspberry Pi'.
Now for the past few days I've been lerking through the forums seeing what exactly it's all about. I have a rough idea over all but am just a bit stuck on a few things;

I've seen a few tutorials on setting up a 24/7 torrent box (with the Raspberry Pi) how ever I do not use torrents to share and receive files to and from my family and friends, I use filehosting sites (Rapidshare, Filesonic so on so forth).
My question is, how would I go about setting up the R-Pi to basically be a downloading box. Where I send the links to it via my current computer (whether it be email? or some real-time program), then start the downloading.
I currently use Internet Download Manager on my main machine how ever am looking to save costs on power (hence the interest in the Raspberry Pi).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just a small run down on what I'd do once I receive the R-Pi.


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Re: R-Pi 24/7 Download rig

Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:58 am

Oh okay, so all you want to do is give it links to download.
You can easily do this by just using SSH. If you’re on Windows you need a program called Putty (right click the mouse to paste from clipboard in Putty), or if you’re on OSX or Linux you can just open up a terminal window and use the command ssh XXX -l pi where XXX is the IP address of the Pi.

So you log in using pi / raspberry (or whatever password you've set) and just use the following commands to make it download files.

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wget *url*
If you've got a huge download you want to leave going for ages you can use the screen program, this will allow you to kick off a download using wget and then disconnect Putty or your terminal window from the Pi and leave the download going.

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sudo apt-get install screen
Start a new screen session by entering;

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screen bash
Then kick off the download by using wget.
Then press Ctrl - A and also press D to disconnect, you can then type exit to discconect Putty or your terminal window and that will leave the download going on the Pi in the background.
If you want to check progress log back in over SSH using Putty or a terminal window and use the command.

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screen -r
You may also want to set the Pi up to share the files it downloads over the Windows network so you can easily pull them off to your main machine. Here is a guide to do that; ... etworking/

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Re: R-Pi 24/7 Download rig

Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:00 pm

You should look into a full-featured downloader
like jDownloader or pyLoad. Those have lots
of plugins and web-interfaces (so you can use your iPad or
Android or PC at home or at work or anywhere in the
world to control it).
I believe they even can solve CAPTCHAs.

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