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Installing Linux packages / apps etc..

Tue May 14, 2013 6:10 am

Is installing extra software in Linux still mostly about
downloading compressed archives ( tar.gz files ? )
and then unzipping and then installing etc. ?
i.e. so you have to know which files are for setup, where
they are etc ( install procedure ) ?

Does a package manager do all the above ( some ? )
automatically ?

Which package managers are recommended for Debian Wheezy
for the Pi ?

I am also looking for a good PDF reader and an email client ?

Can anyone tell me how to add an avatar to my posts here ?


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Re: Installing Linux packages / apps etc..

Tue May 14, 2013 7:16 am

apt-get is the main "command-line" package installer for Debian-based linux (eg. Wheezy Raspbian).
There is also its "terminal menu-driven" cousin aptitude. However, if you prefer a GUI that provides additional info. w.r.t. the software you (might) want to install then use synaptic. To install that:
1) Ensure the package info. is current: "sudo apt-get update"
2) (Optional) upgrade: "sudo apt-get upgrade"
3) Install synaptic: "sudo apt-get install synaptic"
The sudo prefix is required since installation etc. requires root privileges.
To use synaptic start the desktop (startx) and you should find it in the "preferences" (sub-)menu. It will ask you for your user (eg. pi) password.
p.s. Experimental/Pre-release/New programs, supplied/obtained from the author(s) may still be distributed as (source) tarballs etc. and need compiling etc.
Still running Raspbian Jessie on some older Pi's (an A, B1, B2, B+, P2B, 3xP0, P0W) but Stretch on my 2xP3A+, P3B+, P3B, B+, A+ and a B2. See:

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Re: Installing Linux packages / apps etc..

Tue May 14, 2013 11:58 am

There may be PDF readers already installed; xPDF and muPDF typically. Both are fast, but muPDF is a bit limited in its features and xPDF has an old-fashioned style of interface. A possible alternative would be ePDF; it's a more modern program, with a reasonable range of features, and performs well on the (512MB) Pi.

For email, ClawsMail would be recommended; you may want to install some of the additional plugins also in the repository (for example to view HTML email).

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