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Powered USB hub that is powered by USB?

Sat May 04, 2013 5:08 am

I'm completely new to most of this, so forgive me if any of the following are dumb questions...

I'm looking for a powered USB hub that can be powered via USB. I see the ones all the time that are powered by a DC adapter, but for the purposes of the box I've currently got set up, it would be much easier for me to just power the hub via a USB cord plugged into a wall outlet. Is that possible with most powered USB hubs? Or are there certain USB hubs that can do this... Or is it even possible at all?

I'd ideally like my set up to be (assuming this is possible, and I explain it in a way that makes sense), electrical outlet USB plug -> USB port on USB hub, USB hub -> micro-USB to Raspberry Pi to provide power, USB port on Raspberry Pi back to the USB hub, and then my devices plugged into the USB hub.

Is any of what I'm talking about possible? And if so, are there any hub recommendations (hopefully on the cheap side)?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: Powered USB hub that is powered by USB?

Sat May 04, 2013 7:38 am

If you can provide a link to one of these hubs someone may have used one and had results either for or against

I would reccomend a USB Hub with it's own power supply

If for no other reason than I am using a 7 port Belkin hub with a 4A power supply thats been fantastic running both a model "A" and "B" at the same time.
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