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Berryboot and partitions

Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:02 am

Hi to all,

I have ordered a brand new Pi 3B+ and I am preparing a HDD with several partitions. One of them should include Berrybbot so that I can use more than one OS. Then I will not boot from any SSD but directly from the HDD.

I understand that Berryboot will need formatting and I have already prepared this step with one clean ext4 partition. Wether Berryboot will offer to use this partition ? I hope at least it will not repartition the whole disk where I have stored some data.

Alternatively, I will use a SSD without the HDD, but that's another question. I will eventually boot from the SDD with just raspbian. Wether it makes a difference if I start with my installation with Berryboot first or with this SSD? I heard about something happening on the very first boot with the PI but I am not sure of what it is.

Posts: 25
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Re: Berryboot and partitions

Sun Jun 07, 2020 3:31 pm

It seems that Berryboot is not happy. It claims that it there is no partition to mount.

At least this is what I understand from a truncated screen:
"... finding or mounting boot partition :-( "

I have tested with and without the HDD connected on one of the USB outputs. It doesn't make any difference in the message, but I can hear there is an access to the HDD (good sign? It sounds like a beep).

Berryboot is on a USB flash drive apart from the HDD. I thought it would offer at least the opportunity to use the flash drive.

So what? The flash drive is too small? Too many partitions on my HDD? I have NTFS, FAT32 and EXT4, so there is a choice...

(I tested my Pi arrived yesterday with Raspbian on a SSD and everything was fine)

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