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Help NAS folder not auto mounting

Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:38 pm

not new to computers but new to Raspberry pi. I am currently working with a pi 3B running a new copy of Raspbian. I'm setting my pi up as a Plex server to replace a PC that is only used for Plex.

My Problem is that I have all my Media on a NAS drive and after a reboot the NAS folders are not connected until I click on them in the file explorer app. So Plex will not work until I click on each folder from the Pi itself.

These are only example lines and do not match my NAS name or share names.
SO I mapped my drives as follows.
I created a folder for each share first like this
cd /home/pi
sudo mkdir DRIVE
sudo mkdir share
cd ..

I then mapped each folder with this command once per folder
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=yourusername,password=yourpassword //NIGHTHAWK/S_Drive DRIVE/share

I then added the following line to fstab for each share
//NIGHTHAWK/S_Drive /home/pi/DRIVE/share cifs username=yourusername,password=yourpassword 0 0

So after a reboot I can go into the file explore app and see the shares are there but they are empty until I click on the share link folder for each of them.
How do I make this connection automatically when the system boots?

Thank you

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