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No Display and Only Red Light

Sun Jan 19, 2020 9:58 am


Thank you for your advice in advance. Its first time I am using this forum.

I am trying to boot up Raspberry Pi 4B model. I have two problems:

- I have plugged the microSD, keyboard, mouse, hdmi on HDMI0 port to TV HDMI-1 and when I power on, it doesn't display anything on TV screen.
- It only shows the Red Light on Raspberry Pi board and Green light blinked for neon seconds when power was switched on and green LED doesn't blink anymore.

Can Raspberry Pi 4 B model be plugged in to Laptop (Windows 10 OS) using HDMI to use my Laptop screen to access Raspberry Pi, I don't have seen this mentioned anywhere?

Any suggestions, please?

Thank You,
Varun Gupta

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