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Help with Noctua fan setup

Wed Dec 04, 2019 8:25 pm

Hey there everyone hope this is the correct forum forum for this.

I picked up a "Noctua NF-A4x20 5V" fan when I purchased my raspberry pi 4 based off a video I saw using it for cooling. However after it arrived I am wondering if I needed to purchase additional supplies to actually be able to plug it into the pi4.

It comes with additional cables, but I'm not sure if the one it has as an adaptor actually plugs into the pi properly or if I need to be cutting the wires and adding my own connections. (I don't have these to do right now)

Anyone have advice on this issue?

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Re: Help with Noctua fan setup

Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:38 pm

You just need to connect the fan to the 5v and ground.
check/read/understand the manual that came with it. (if you dont/cannot understand the manual just be honest with it)
the kit actually contains connectors for your requirement.

or you can modify the connectors based on your preference. (its what I did on my 2 setups)
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