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Problems with Pi Camera, files generated and file types.

Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:03 am

I have a RPZ with a camera.

I take pictures and save them to the SD card.

Originally the files were .png and locally on the machine they worked in the program to view them.

I then FTP them to another machine and they are corrupt.

Looking at the files in the TERMINAL, I see them as purple files.
Existing .jpg files are white.

I copy the files to the Public directory and look at them form my main machine. (NUC)

Opening the Public directory on the NUC some files get thumbnails and some don't.

Looking at the picture you can see (in red) two files but one one .png and .jpg and only one has a thumb nail.
But following the red lines, both are purple in the list.

Where as you see the DCN..... picture which has a thumbnail and white in the list.
And another file beside it also has a thumbnail and is .jpg but is purple in the list.

I am really not understanding why the file colours differ.
Screenshot from 2019-12-03 20-55-46.png
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