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More efficient video stream

Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:30 am


Apologies in advance if this is a noob question and if it has been asked and answered many times before.

I am a surfer/kitesurfer and i live in the UAE. I'm trying to build a basic weather station that can provide wind and webcam details for a spot that is in a remote location. I am using a pi4 1GB and i am almost ready to install the station on site. My skills are fairly basic but this is where i am at:

1. pi4 runs ddns so it's dynamic address is accessible remotely with port forwarding - done
2. weewx uploads wind and weather info from the sensor to windguru - this is on track and will be done by the end of the week
3. motion eye provides the video stream of camera 1 and camera 2 - done and visible from outside the LAN
4. Run apache/mysql/wordpress to provide a basic interface for people to check the info from their browser - almost done.

Now, regarding point 3... i am noticing that this is crippling the pi. Running nmon i can see each camera is utilising 110% of the CPU per camera. That is with minimal video streaming settings and a 1fps rate. With both cameras running the pi is almost inaccessible through vnc or ssh. I don't need a live stream - i need to keep restarting it as it freezes. I'd be happy with an image every 30 seconds. Is there a better piece of software that can do this? Even if i disable video streaming, 'motion' is still costing the CPU 110% per camera just to monitor it.

The idea is to have a basic html or wordpress page that has the weather reading and a recent still image from the station. I would appreciate if anyone can provide any suggestions on which software to use in order reduce the CPU load? It needs to be something dynamic that accesses the camera every 30 seconds and then clears the cache every 24 hours.


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Re: More efficient video stream

Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:57 am

I switched from MotionEyeOS to Rpi-Cam-Web-Interface (RCWI). It worked better for me and is lighter. Search for it. It's on github.
When I installed MotionEyeOS (years ago now), it was a preconfigured ISO. RCWI is installed on top of raspbian.

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Re: More efficient video stream

Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:30 pm

Thanks for the reply.

Can you remember if RPi Cam Web Interface support IP cameras using an RTSP feed?

I'm reading through this and it doesn't seem like it does...

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