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HDMI to VGA (on a HD VGA monitor)

Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:25 pm

Okay, here's a oddity.. I finally found a wide-screen LCD monitor to use with the Pi, But.... It's a VGA connection.. (HD-15 connector).. So.... I looked through EBAY for a VGA to HDMI converter cable.. Found one, it arrived yesterday (Friday).. But.... .. I can use the cable & adapter on my HP DV6 laptop without problem.. All signals received, and the video comes through perfect... The Pi, however, doesn't seem to like the adapter.. When I power-up the Pi, the LCD will see a signal and power-up, But.. I get absolutely nothing on the screen.. (and I can see by the activity light on the Pi, that is is booting.) So.. I plug a small 5-inch LCD composite monitor into the composite output.. Nothing again.. (Pi shows it's booting up, but no display.) Unplug the HDMI adapter, the composite works again. (but, the resolution on the 5" screen is too tiny, and grainy to see.) the wide-screen monitor, is a HP L1908.. maximum resolution 1440 X 900 ) but, only has a single DB-15 (5 X 3) connector.. no specific brand on the HDMI to VGA adapter, looks like a Macintosh style adapter.. (rounded box with the VGA Female socket on one end, and a HDMI female on the end of 6 inches of cable.) Simple question, Wrong idea to use this as the monitor? or is there something I can alter in the start-up settings to recognize the monitor? The monitor also works via the VGA socket on my laptop, besides going through the HDMI<-->VGA adapter, into the HDMI socket on the laptop. (Windows-7 sees the exact same specs as if through the VGA socket.)

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Re: HDMI to VGA (on a HD VGA monitor)

Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:45 pm

If the adaptor cost more than about ten pounds, then the problem is in your config.txt. Try adding:

note: I may or may not know what I'm talking about...

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