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Rpi Zero Wifi for RTK rover

Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:42 pm

Dear all,

I'm new to rpi and ave discovered this useful forum.
My system is RTK GPS for agricultural precision driving. I'll try my best to explain.
It consist of :
1) Home base with precision GNSS (Ublox M8T) connected to UHF transmitter running continuously
(ESP8266 between used as smoothing buffer)

2) Rover build with :
Rpi zero W (stretch) running rtkrcv
UHF receiver connected on uart S0
Ublox M8T connected on USB

Rpi is headless (ssh monitored) configured in Wifi AP mode fixed IP, at boot, rtkrcv starts automatiquely.
It delivers accurate NMEA frames on an TCP port and a UDP port for use by the tractor.
At this point, all this system is working with sufficient reliability on the tractor but is limited by UHF transmission.

For increasing distance, I would like to send the home reference frames to a NTRIP caster (I'll surely use another Rpi)
and then receive it in the tractor with a bluetooth mobile phone (flow is ~2 ko/s).
I've paired successfully the Rpi with my phone with bluetooth, my phone is sharing the internet connection.
Here I'm stuck and my question is :
With my Rpi (Wifi AP mode), can I have acces to the internet network using my mobile phone connected in bluetooth as gateway.
(Tethering) And if so, how can I configure that on the Rpi ?

Best regards from France

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