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3B+ just stopped working?!

Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:46 pm

I've got a 3B+ who's only job is running pi-hole for my home network. It is behind a UPS. Plus I have a cute little Adafruit OLED display on it that shows four lines of text (IP address, how many clients connected, how many ads blocked, etc.) This morning I suddenly started having web access problems on a different computer and traced the issue to pi-hole not responding. I couldn't even SSH in so I pulled the power cord, waited a minute and plugged it back in. However, no activity light blinking and it never booted. I tried again, plus tried other SD cards, plus removed the OLED display, plus tried a different power supply...nothing.

1.) how can a Pi just die like that? It is surge suppressed and everything?!

2.) how can I test if the SD card is bad? I heard they go bad after a while, or something like that. It's only been about a year or so but it has been running pretty much 24/7.

3.) what is an easy way to tell if the hardware is dead? Are there tests I can do on it? Since I can't boot it even from several different SD cards, perhaps testing the voltage in different places would tell me something, if so, where?

Now I guess I should have made a mirror copy of that SD card since I had special drivers for the OLED and had modified pi-hole to use DNS over HTTPS for privacy. Lesson learned.

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Re: 3B+ just stopped working?!

Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:59 pm

If you've tried another SDCard, preferably one that works in another Pi of the same model or newer, then it's not likely that the SDCard is the problem.

You can test for 3V3 between pins 1 and 6 of the GPIO header (see Use jumper wires and avoid shorting any pins -- doing so will cause Pi failure if it wasn't already dead. 0V on pin 1 indicates Sudden PMIC Death Syndrome ™.

If 3V3 is present, try the Boot Problems Sticky.
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