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Can not enable VNC server even if it seems to be, can be caused by TightVNC?by

Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:26 pm

I made the worst mistake to install TightVNC to use remote desktop from my laptop that is by default installed. I didn't know that VNC is much better but when I installed it on some tablets I saw that it doesn't create another desktop but accesses directly the existing one, so I can see exactly what happens on a monitor or TV directly connected to Raspberry. This is great. I installed on laptops VNC and I can connect to one of my raspberry. On the other Raspberry I installed TightVNC.

When I try to enable the VNC into the configuration menu, it looks like it is already enabled but the radio-buttons can not be used. I can not change, this option itself is disabled and grayish.

I know this problem was debated earlier but may be somebody knows a quick fix now without reinstalling the OS. I have a lot of work and libraries installed now and I do not have time to reinstall everything in this moment. Can be the TightVNC the culprit? I installed it to use remote desktop. But the Raspberries already come with VNC by default to use with VNC viewers from all possible tablets, phones or laptops.

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Re: Can not enable VNC server even if it seems to be, can be caused by TightVNC?by

Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:00 am

If you want to try to revert to the default vncserver with Raspberry Stretch, try installing realvnc-vnc-server and realvnc-vnc-viewer.

I contemplated installing tightvnc when I thought my Pi Zero vnc sessions were slow due to Real VNC server. When I saw that it seemed to want to remove the existing vncserver, I decided not to because I'd have to fiddle with a window manager.

Turned out the slowness was just the Pi Zero wanting to be rebooted.

Real VNC will work with tightvnc and vice versa. I use Real VNC viewer on my Windows PC and tightvnc on my C.H.I.P.'s (a now defunct competitor to Pi Zero W).

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