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Overhead gantry for a camera

Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:15 am

Hello everyone !

I've been looking for something like what I want to do but so far I've only seen projects with only partial similitude, so I thought maybe the forum will have answer or ideas !

I want to build a XY gantry to move a camera on a "grid" and take pictures of whatever will be put underneath said camera. So the idea is : move to XY coordinates, take picture, move to new XY coordinates, take picture etc etc... you get the idea.

My questions are :

Is there a project like mine that I don't know of and that you might have heard about ?
If I have to start from scratch (gantry + stepper motors) would a RPI + Protoneer RPI CNC do the trick ?


Can the raspberry handle the CNC hat and the camera at the same time ? Or should I use something on top of the RPI and CNC hat ?

My biggest worry is, will I be able to create a script to move the camera on a grid (translate my XY coordinates into gcode ?) and take pictures ?

Also can I plug the RPI CNC hat and the camera at the same time ?

I'll appreciate any inputs you can give me


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