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Turning Raspberry PI NOIR into an UV camera

Fri May 24, 2019 4:22 pm

Hi guys. First I apologise for how ignorant I will probably sound. I am a total beginner needing a lot of help... I would be super thankful if you could tell me if this possible!

As many people right now, I am trying to find a way to recreate what "Sunscreenr" does.

It is basically an UV camera, but portable and able to connect to a phone.
The main function is being able to see UV damage on the skin and check for correct sunscreen application (sunscreen will show up black).

I found a thread here in this forum, with a man that got a Pi NOIR camera, with an added UV Pass filter, that achieved this.

Even better, I found that this camera, Raspberry PI NOIR, is affordable and it even comes with a case and cable connector:

And from what I can understand with the new Pi Zero W included, it'd make it capable of connecting through Bluetooth?...

Is any of this possible?

My plan would be to get these two and try to do what the man on the thread did, a working UV camera that can see sunscreen on the skin: ... Woods.html

And later on try to connect the camera through Bluetooth or cable to my phone and see myself while applying sunscreen.

Could someone please give input, thoughts about this little project? Is it possible at all?

I also found this: ... st=ae803_4

Would I be able to look at myself in UV at real life, on the screen? This would take the need of the phone out of the table and it'd be really cool. But I would really need some help setting something like that... I've no idea how it goes to make the camera show up on the screen. Any good tutorial you'd recommend?

Thank you for your time... I would really love to makes this possible and I am excited to receive any input you have, please!

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