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How to connect to my pi on-the-go?

Sat May 18, 2019 12:25 pm

Well, I don't really know if this is possible but I wanted to see what you guys think.
A few days ago I got my first raspberry pi 3 b+.
I'm an IT student so I thought about making a "sniffing" device.
My thinking is like this:
-->Carry the raspberry around, when I find open wifi or something like that, connect raspberry to a battery to turn it on, and plug in a wifi dongle with monitor mode support.
-->Create a script which sets everything up to sniff traffic on that network
-->Save capture to analyze later

What I don't know is how would I configure the raspberry on-the-go to let it know to connect to the wifi I want.
I hope I explained well, thanks in advance!

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Re: How to connect to my pi on-the-go?

Sat May 18, 2019 7:30 pm

You can connect from your phone to your RP

I use "VCN Viewer" to connect to my RP from my computer or from my phone. I'm not sure if you can connect directly from your phone to your RP, but what I do is that I have a little mobile hotspot with me, that I connect my phone to and my RP to. Then they are on the same, and then I can control my RP from my Phone, but.... I don't know if you then are able to scan for other wifi's and capture data or if the RP can control two wlans at the same time.

I also have an wifi adapter that can be set to monitor mode, but have not tried it in my RP

What OS do you run on your RP ?

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Re: How to connect to my pi on-the-go?

Sat May 18, 2019 9:37 pm

Sounds a little fishy to me, perhaps this thread should be deleted.

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Re: How to connect to my pi on-the-go?

Sat May 18, 2019 10:02 pm

A serial console cable will allow you to login to the Raspbian command shell without a network connection. I use CP2012 USB-TTL adapters from eBay that cost less than $2 (more if you want fast shipping). They're sold by a bunch of different vendors in a few different styles.


The most common are the ones with a USB-A plug (left), but I also have some with a micro USB jack (right) that connects to the host computer with a normal micro USB 2.0 cable. On the Pi side they connect to the GPIO serial port, and the CP2012 chip uses 3.3V TTL, so it's compatible without a level shifter (can be connected directly to the Pi GPIO serial TX/RX and ground pins).

You login to the Pi from a serial terminal on the host computer.


Another option would be a Pi Zero W in USB gadget mode (SSH over USB). You wouldn't even need a battery for that (the Pi0W can be powered by a USB port).
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