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I need to use I2C1 (GPIO2,3), how can i also use rPi Camera?

Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:24 am

Hi all,

As far as i can see the rPi camera module uses GPIO2,3 for some power & led control.

I need to use GPIO2,3 for I2C1 for another purpose.

How would you suggest i work around this issue?
It appears I2C0 very much off-limits (why is this by the way?).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: I need to use I2C1 (GPIO2,3), how can i also use rPi Camera?

Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:47 am

Unless you are using a very old Pi Model A or B, you can use the I2C Bus 1 (GPIO 2 & 3, physical pins 3 & 5) normally with the RPi Camera attached and working, just enable the I2C in '/boot/config.txt' as normal.

I2C Bus 0 is used on some Pi models to control on board functions such as power supply voltages, etc, and is normally controlled by the GPU, as far as I know. It is also used for "Hats", add on boards for the Pi that connect to the GPIO pins such as the Sense Hat through physical pins 27 & 28.
It also controls the Pi Camera through it's own connector.

Hope this helps,

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