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Shut down/stop boot raspberry if undervoltage

Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:44 am

Hi, I have latest raspbian noobs on pi 3b+. I was wondering, is there any chance to set a script thru crontab -e that monitors pi supply voltage and if its below 4.7V - initiate clean shutdown for pi. Or/and if its possible to setup, that it woulndt start if detected low voltage at boot start? I noticed that if its has 4V supply it will throw fault for undervoltage, but continues to boot.
Please someone help!

EDITED: PS. Ive made module to do that function with trinket m0 and circuit python, but I really think that this great product should have this functions somewhere and I could bypass this extra hardware needs, when pretty much raspberry should be beast in capabilities of os and modifications..
I did find gpio35 guide which can monitor if voltage goes bellow 4.64V but it doest work for pi 3b+ as its controlled by gpu?

Atleast can someone point me to different sections of forum where it could be answered?

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