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RFID + RPi, prevention

Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:24 am


I am working on a project of time attendance system using raspberry and rc522. Got everything set up and running pretty solid, however, I need some ideas from you guys how could I implement a prevention of a person using his RFID card to check attendance and then scanning a card for a friend who is absent.

Most commonly used scenario would be attaching a camera to take a picture after each scan, however, I do not really want to implement any other hardware to my project.

Maybe you have any ideas how could I have this feature implemented by coding? Empty headed at the moment :P


Re: RFID + RPi, prevention

Wed Mar 06, 2019 1:54 pm

Its called tailgating and has been a bane of my working life for years since I first introduced an ambient warehouse to performance monitoring 20+ years ago :twisted: :roll: :twisted:

I've tried:
1) Waiting 'x' seconds between card swipes - just created a long queue and very frustrated staff
2) Passive and active PIR / ultrasonic sensors for movement detection - not in crowed corridors
3) Weight loading on the carpet - did not survive the first week
4) PIN and card - folk just wrote the number on the card (normally using works markers as they stayed on things :oops: )
5) Random spot checks - cost money for supervisor AND they would get 'distracted/blocked' by others on purpose
6) Biometrics - fingerprint scanners - no comment about the union response
7) Biometrics - hand shape scanners - better but folk wore gloves a lot and the hit rate was not great even after training (machine and user)
8) Fake camera - union issues and now data protection concerns
9) Real camera and random checks on footage - (see 8) but best of the lot - expensive as the number of cameras that 'failed' with paint / ink / liquids was high :o :!: :o

Interestingly it took HR, IT and the Unions to cut the abuse down - better working conditions, more team based bonus schemes, respect for staff, random checks and backing from the union as their members where getting the extra work cut it down to a minimum but folk will be folk and its not an IT issue to be honest :lol:

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