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IR prob

Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:00 am


I'm almost there, my hardware setup for an IR remote (sending only) is complete.
My python prgram is OK.

But the last hurdle is sending a number to a FLIRC connected to my laptop, where other things happen.
By number i mean sending "1" or "2" or "0" = something very simple.

I have the IR led connected via transistor (base) and resistor to gpio pin 15.

Now i'm looking for the simplest possible way to send a number through to the flirc.
(the number comes from a 4x3 matrix keypad that works perfectly.)

I fail to understand the step from activating pin 15 and sending the number. Looking for scripts.

I did install LIRC and modified the modules, although i read that you could make it happen without lirc.


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