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Babel routing protocol on Raspberry Pi

Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:20 am

Hello everyone, so I've been working on a project for my college class. I'm planning to make a wireless mesh network with Babel routing protocol using three Pi's. So far I managed to connect all of them on ad hoc mode, and also able to ping to each other. But this is my first time using Babel (and raspberry's in general) so I installed babel on each Pi, but when I tried to run

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sudo babeld wlan0
Nothing pops up, until I terminated the program.

Things I wanted to ask:
1. How to see if Babeld is working? Is it actually working although nothi
shows up?
2. I saw some Babel routing table screenshots from another babeld project that shows IP addresses of the neighbor and total costs from each IP address like image below, but it didn's specify how to display it. Anyone knows how to?


If there's anything I need to provide, just let me know! Thank you for your help!

*ps: sorry for my bad english, I hope you guys understand what I mean!

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Re: Babel routing protocol on Raspberry Pi

Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:45 pm

I have no knowledge about Babel, but maybe your program is working correctly. Try launching your program in background:

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sudo babeld wlan0 &

Take a look at these links:


http://www.ericerfanian.com/mobile-mesh ... pi-part-3/

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