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Graduate Project Help! Pi 3 Motion Censor + Image Change

Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:15 pm


I am new to this forum and very new to using the raspberry pi so please excuse my lack of skill.. :lol:

I am currently designing my final year project to graduate from college and I want to incorporate the pi 3 into the project.

The idea:

I will have a monitor vertical in an exhibition. This will display a video, when someone gets closer to the monitor I want the pi 3 with a IR/proximity censor (I don't know which would work best) to transition to a different video on the monitor.

side note: The idea behind the exhibition is human perception. For people not to believe what information is given to them and to "get closer" and explore ideas themselves.

What I need help with

I am very very new to this but i have purchased a pi 3 beginner kit. I first want to try and get the censor working and changing an image on screen connected to the pi. I can try work out the video and transitions etc. later.
So i need the pi connected to a censor that can pick up the distance of an object, and in-turn change an image on a screen.

Any help towards this would be immensely appreciated! pretty lost at the moment trying to figure this out.

Thanks !!

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