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Re: Distance sensor that penetrates glass

Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:08 pm

TE18 wrote:Since this is a raspberry pi project, unfortunately, we cannot use a phone. We have to stick to the pi :/
If the ultrasonic won't work either I think we're running out of options.
Ditto what PiGraham said.
The point of me suggesting to look at iOnRoad was not to use it on an Android phone, but to use it as an example of what can be done and to realise the same concept on a Raspberry Pi with a Pi or USB Camera to overcome the problem of penetrating glass and keeping it cheap. On top of that you will need a speed sensor: GPS or OBD-II interface and some form of indication: buzzer, light, screen etc. A $60 solution should be achievable.
Do you have any hardware or coding experience at all? Or is it just experience with the Pi that you lack? Which university subject are you majoring in?
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