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external access to LAMP webserver times out

Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:13 am

So I set up LAMP on a raspi3. I have port forwarding on my openwrt router to route INCOMING port 80 to raspi3's port 80. I have also used ufw to open port 80 on raspi3.

I can access the main http page on the LAN nps, using the router's public addy, getting resolved to internal raspi3 on LAN, suggesting that apache2 seems to serve up pages ok and the router is forwarding data on port ok, and so the problem is externally trying to connect from the WAN to the LAN.

But, externally, when using the router's public IP addy, I can see that the raspi3's internal LAN addy is being queried but ultimately times out. Because I can see that the raspi's internal IP addy is being queried when port 80 traffic is sent to the router on its public IP addy it seems then that the router is actually port forwarding traffic fine and the problem seems to rest with the webserver. If I disable the port forwarding rule in openwrt (router) then the router simply refuses all port 80 traffic immediately as it is sent, again suggesting the port forwarding rule seems to be working.

I wonder if anyone might have some suggs where to look further for this issue. TIA.

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