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Streaming Audio and Video from a USB Webcam

Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:51 pm

I've only just started using a Raspberry Pi 3, so not really sure what to try next... Hopefully you guys can help! I'm trying to create a baby monitor from my Raspberry Pi 3. I have a USB webcam attached to stream live audio and video but everything I've seen online hasn't worked. I've spent quite a lot of time reading through forums and watching YouTube videos but nothing seems to explain it clearly enough (idiot proof) or doesn't have the functionality I require. I initially tried using the Motion package which I managed to stream, and even managed to view it from my phone when not connected to my WI-FI but it doesn't support audio, which is a must. I've just compiled and installed ffmpeg but I can't seem to figure out whether that's something I can use or not as everything on YouTube seems to use that in conjunction with something else, as opposed to it being a package like Motion.

Ultimately my aim is to be able to stream video and audio from the usb webcam connected to my pi by using something that allows me to configure and/or add additional features such as motion detection from the video feed and breathing detection/crying detection from the audio feed... any help would be massively appreciated!!

I have Raspbian Jessie installed if that helps.. :)


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