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Motion package: on_event_end never triggered ?

Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:32 pm

Good day
I would like to use the Motion package for its great detection capabilities, and let it trigger (on/off) recording by a HD camera.
Could someone please help me figure out why on_event_end is never activated in my setup?
I feel like I must have missed something obvious.

Setup: raspberry 3, with jessie, and Motion 3.2.12 installed. Motion is currently set to monitor an HD camera
- The HD camera is able to directly write movies, in very good quality. But its motion detection capability is, well, crap.
- Motion does a great work at detection but its movies miss many frames.

Now, I can get the HD camera to instantly record / stop recording by sending it cgi commands.
I would like to attach those to on_event_start and on_event_end (simple curl inside a sh file, I can figure how to do that)

It almost works : the on_event_end is never triggered :(

For testing, I want to turn on/off a switch in Domoticz. Setup:
event_gap 60
on_event_start : current value is a script that turns on a switch in Domoticz -> This works :)
on_event_end: current value is a script that turns off same switch in Domoticz -> This does not work :?

Letting Motion run for a while with scripts for both on_event_start and on_event_end:
-> Domoticz switch receives "on" commands which are perfectly aligned with the start of every movie made by Motion
-> It never receives "off" commands

Letting Motion run for a while with value (script) for only on_event_end :
-> Domoticz switch never receives an "off" command.

Would be very grateful for any pointer ! :)
Thanks in advance

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