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HELP Transmitting Photos Via RF

Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:03 pm

Hello, everyone!

I need some help in an area that I have no knowledge. After reading some threads, it seems that most of you are very well-versed in this technology, and the obvious products, which is what I'm needing help on. So, here it goes...

I am in need of information and or products that, in conjunction, will allow a stationary motion-detecting infrared camera to transmit and send it's 4000x3000pix(4:3) or 8000x4500pix(16:9) photos via RF to a electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone with a wireless RF transmitter/receiver that may plug into the device like a lightning cable for iPhones.

Quantity of Photos to send daily: 1 to 500+
Quality of photos to send: no less than 1/2 above resolutions
Distance of sending 0.75miles to 1.5miles (or further)
Method of sending: Camera+RF ---> RF receiver/transmitter ---> Tablet/Phone
Power source: external solar and/or internal AA's (no more than 8)
Abilities: to restrict "most" external access to these pictures from other RF receivers/transmitters

Cellular transmission and bluetooth transmission are not options, and satellite usage is too costly.

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Re: HELP Transmitting Photos Via RF

Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:50 am

Divide the problem into more managable bits.

First, the source.
8k x 4.5k infrared camera? You've got one in mind? If not, a little research is necessary.

You're wanting to send about 500 8000 x 4500 pixel photos in 24 hours.
If they're 8 bits per pixel, uncompressed, I make that 200kB/s. Not unreasonable.
Not sure what you mean by "Quality of photos" - are you thinking of compressing them using jpeg or similar?

Next, the destination.
"a electronic device such as a tablet or smartphone" could mean anything. How you input the photos will depend on the available connections on the device.

And now, the bit in the middle.
Up to 2½ km, RF but not cellular or satellite, and with some sort of encryption to prevent access.
That's going to be difficult. Amateur Radio -Ham - has been looking at that sort of problem for almost a century, so I suggest asking them about it.

Finally, your power source.
Solar panels come in various sizes, so you'll have to work out power you need.
Without details of your camera, and how much power it needs, we can't give even a ball-park figure.
As to 8 AA cells (I assume to store the solar-panel energy, for use at night when an infrared camera would be useful) at about 2.5AHr each and 1.2v per cell, you're looking at 24WH total.
Just as an example, a Pi could take about an amp at 5v (5W), so it would run those cells down in five hours. Not quite good enough, I suspect.
You'll have to rethink this bit.

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