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digital signage solution for sensor-data and pics/videos?

Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:06 pm


since I have no idea if this all makes sense, I gonna explain what I need:

I'm looking for a way to display I2C-sensor-data from one Pi, let's name it Host-Pi, on a LCD-screen connected Pi, let's name it Client-Pi. Host-Pi should collect sensor-data from I2C-sensors every 1-5mins and store that in a CSV-file for later use, Client-Pi should ask Host-Pi every 5mins for uptodate values and display that on a self-designed page (not just plain terminal...). Client-Pi
also should be able to play videos and photos like a slideshow, cycling that with sensor-data in between or showing the sensor-data in a scrolling-text at the bottom. And since it should be usable by average people a not too complicated webinterface would be nice.

Any idea what fits those needs? I already tried Dashkiosk, though despite it sounded nice to use Chromecast's it turned out to be a prob: no external antenna makes it somewhat unusable for this task. Not to mention I got a bunch of errors while installing it on the pi that I couldn't find a solution for. Info-beamer was another brilliant software I looked into, the drawback was, that it all belongs on programming the stuff yourself, it's very customizable though I'm not a programmer, nor have I the skill to prog a webinterface for it, so sadly I have to look for another one.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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