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Buying a premade emulation Box

Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:07 pm ... SwnNBXWaRt

Here is the setup I want to buy. Here are some questions. I am a new user to these boards, so if this is the wrong area, please direct me to the right one, and I will move the topic.

My major question, I have heard that N64 emulation isn't quite optimized. Some games simply won't run. Are there ways around this? Also, if I were to run N64 games, I'd be interested in running the high res texture packs that are available on the internet. Is it possible for the emulators provided above to run these texture packs? Also, what is the ease of getting these texture packs to run if so? I'm about just dangerous enough to hurt myself when it comes to computers, I'm literate, but not that capable.

How do Dreamcast games emulate? PS1? Is the above mentioned box capable of these things?

Also, how do older 16 bit games look on a big TV? I have a 65". I know graphics isn't a huge deal, but it will make or break my purchase. How do older games like Super Mario and the likes translate to a bigger TV?

Again, thanks in advance for any help given. It is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Buying a premade emulation Box

Fri Jul 15, 2016 6:55 pm

N64 emulation isn't as advanced even on a pc it's quite a chore to run games. Best option is a pc (a hated system so not many people working on it) I suppose mario64 works good and mario kart on a pi

Again dreamcast emulation isn't advanced even on a pc best option an actual dreamcast with vga mod and sd loader i know from experience.

How do games look on a big tv well depends when you were born as a 80's kid nothing but a big crt tv in rgb 24" preferred but 14" works good the pi isn't great for 240p

If emulators are all you intrested in go to Amazon and buy a Nintendo wii and soft mod it 240 p and runs most things you want accept dreamcast.

If you want to do all the cool things the pi can do buy a pi. A raspberry pi is a compromise for gaming it's all about convinence than accuracy after all in a very cheap pcb.
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